Miramar, FL

Community Pool with lake in background

Severe Weather Resouces

Be Prepared For Severe Weather:

Replace Faded or Damaged Vehicle Decals and Bar Codes

How To Get A New Decal

  • If your decal is worn out and in poor conditions, visit Novus Property Management and purchase your decal or Bar Code to avoid any towing in the community.

  • Decal Fess are $30
  • Read our Notice about Decal Replacement.

Resident Contact Information Update

View Resident Contact Update Flyer

My name is Nora Moisa and I am the new Property Manager for Tuscany Community Association.
In order to better serve you, I have put together a survey to get all residents’ contact information updated.

Welcome Home

Tuscany is a Homeowner Association Community built in 2005 in the city of Miramar, Florida. We are located off South University Drive and Miramar Boulevard.

We strive to keep a safe, clean, and beautiful community for our residents.

Do Not Feed Wildlife!

Feeding wildlife can lead to several serious problems:

  • Human food is not healthy for wild animals, and they do not need food from humans to survive. Wild animals have specialized diets, and they can become malnourished or die if fed the wrong foods. Also, animals cannot distinguish food from wrappers or foil and can get sick eating these items.
  • Feeding leads to public health concerns. Too many animals in one place increases the chance of disease transmission to people and among other wildlife.
  • Animals accustomed to people often lose their fear of people and can become aggressive. Those that become too aggressive may have to be destroyed to protect people and property.

How You Can Help

Many people enjoy living near and watching wildlife. You can help keep animals wild by keeping the following tips in mind. 

  • Do not encourage wildlife by feeding or leaving food for them.
  • Don't allow bird food to accumulate on the ground.
  • Don't place food scraps in gardens or compost bins and use a closed compost bin.
  • Keep pet food and water containers indoors, especially at night.
  • Use metal or durable plastic trash containers with tight fitting lids.

Thank you for your cooperation! 

Dumpster Cleaning

Dear residents of Tuscany,

Beginning on Thursday, June 2nd 2022, the dumpster bins will be removed from their respective areas as they will be going through a deep cleaning. The dumpsters will be returned back to their original location the next day on Saturday, June 4th, 2022. 

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter and we apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause.

Condo Documents

  • Declaration of Restrictions
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Tuscany Bylaws


There are no open elections.



Security guard, gated community, assigned parking, vehicle registration, visitor entry gate, and guest vehicle registration.


Tuscany Security


Monday - Friday
7 am - 1 am

Saturday - Sunday
9 am - 3 am

Two Story End Unit Town Home Surrounded by Palm Trees

2 & 3 Bedroom Units

Picnic Bench over Looking Lake

3 Playgrounds

Cozy Bench Seating

3 Playgrounds

Family Friendly

Quiet Community

Our community is safe, quiet, and located close to parks, shopping, and easy access to major roadways.

What we offer


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